Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Youth Chess and Outcomes

A University of Chicago Law School graduate, Jared Kawalsky enjoys chess. In addition to playing the game himself, Jared Kawalsky shares his enjoyment of this classic game with young people as a volunteer chess teacher at an elementary school.

Teaching young people to play chess has been studied extensively, and many of the studies have indicated that children greatly benefit from learning this classic game. Children who play chess improve their visual memory, spatial reasoning, and attention span while playing the game. One study indicated that two hours of chess instruction per week was enough to enhance children's intellectual performance on many axes, including development of verbal skills. Some assessments also indicated that top chess players have more activity in the parts of their brains devoted to problem-solving and recognition.

That said, this doesn't mean every child has to study chess as much as possible as early as possible. Children should start slow, learning the game in stages and with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Palaver Literary Journal Promotes Creative Discussion

An alumnus of the University of Chicago Law School, where he received his JD and earned honors such as the Thomas R. Mulroy Prize for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy and Oral Argument in the Hinton Moot Court Competition, Jared Kawalsky has extensive legal experience serving clients in a diverse range of fields. Also a writer of short stories, Jared Kawalsky has had his work published by the Palaver Literary Journal.

Listed by Flavorwire as one of the 10 Unique and Funky Literary Magazines to Check Out in 2015, the Palaver Literary Journal operates under the sponsorship of the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Graduate Liberal Studies Program. Founded as an interdisciplinary online journal, Palaver seeks to promote dialogue between different cultures and perspectives.

Palaver publishes works that demonstrate the creative application of more than one discipline. A proponent of innovation, the periodical provides its readers with pieces written by authors from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives to serve as a discussion forum for current topics.

For more information about Palaver or to read the current issue, visit PalaverJournal.com.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Exoneration Project - Chicago Program Focused on Innocent Convicts

Jared Kawalsky earned his juris doctor at the University of Chicago Law School. Jared Kawalsky’s volunteer activities at the latter institution included engaging with the Exoneration Project through the Mandel Legal Aid Clinic. He interviewed witnesses and reviewed trial transcripts, with an aim of reassessing criminal convictions.

Emphasizing an awareness that innocent people can be convicted for crimes they did not commit within the current criminal justice system, the Exoneration Project seeks to mitigate the devastating long-term effects of a wrongful conviction on those sent to prison and their families. 

In addition to supporting the claims of clients within a court setting, the clinic’s attorneys, many of whom are lecturers at the University of Chicago, bring focus to systemic issues standing in the way of fair and balanced legal outcomes. This involves advocating for greater accountability within the justice process. In addition, the clinic coordinates with community-based groups in ensuring that exonerees receive the support that they need when they return to society and their former lives.